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Vilabwa Villages' productive social safety net (PSSN) beneficiaries have requested the Tanzania Social Action Fund (TASAF) to facilitate them with entrepreneurship skills that will help boost their incomes so as to graduate and allow other poor households to be enrolled.

The call was made during the Visit of the Director to the World Bank (WB) from Department for International Development (DFID), Mr David Kinder and the Head of WB team in IFID, Mr Mark Collins at Vilabwa and Mzenga A Villages in the Coast Region on Wednesday.

A beneficiary, Mariam Mkinga expressed appreciation to the government for initiating the program aimed at supporting poor people in the country.
"Through the TASAF program our lives have been transformed in comparison to before..... We are now able to get three meals a day, provide for our children's school supplies and medical treatment," said Mkinga. She pointed out that the public works projects have enabled them to get additional incomes of which the wages has assisted her to roof her home with corrugated iron sheets. "We recently participated in planting trees alongside the dam that is used for water catchment to conservation..... Our plea to TASAF is facilitate for the dam to be dug deeper so that we can start a fishing project that will generate incomes for us," She said. 

Another beneficiary, Iddi Kimbengele was on the view that they be issued with entrepreneurship skills and if possible the program channels them to where they could buy chickens and medicine to start the business.

However, beneficiaries at Mzenga A Village appealed for construction of a secondary school in their village noting that their children have to attend school in the next ward. Mr Kinder said having heard the beneficiary’s testimonies and visiting some of them, they have been impressed with the implementation.“We have been receiving and reading lots of documents concerning the project, seeing on the ground implementation is quite impressive,” noted Mr Kinder.TASAF Director of Community Support, Mr Amadeus Kamagenge noted that implementation of the program has improved the lives of poor households and the poverty situation in the country.“Out of 1,985 beneficiaries enrolled in the program in Kisarawe District, 65 percent have registered with the Community Health Fund (CHF),” observed the Director.


Asha Khalifan Kikombe a PSSN beneficiary from Vilabwa Village  in Kisarawe district, Coast region  shows a house with iron sheets built using funds she acquired through CCT .On her left is an old house she used to stay before joining the program. Picture below Mr Amadeus Kamagenge (in a black suit) admires the house built by Mrs Kikombe



Mr.David Kinder DFID Executive Director to the World Bank comes out of the house of one of the PSSN beneficiary at Vilabwa village in Kisarawe district where he was part of the visitors to seen TASAF interventions in the area. Below visitors inspect Public Works project carried out by PSSN beneficiaries in the village. 



PSSN beneficiaries of Mzenga A Village in Kisarawe district listen to DFID visitors (not in a photo) who visited the area to see TASAF interventions in the village.  


Kisarawe District Commissioner Mrs..Happiness William Seneda (second left) in a group photo with DFID and TASAF Officials  who paid a courtesy call before visiting Mzenga A and Vilabwa villages  to meet TASAF -PSSN beneficiaries .



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